Introducing Our New Frequent Buyer Program at!


The internet is a vast and incredible place for a small retail website. For this reason, at we have always looked for new ways to reward the loyalty of our customers, without whom we wouldn’t exist. This has largely been accomplished through coupon codes included in email campaigns, newsletters, and social media posts. We were never completely satisfied with this level of reward, and wanted to do more. With our new, updated site, we now have that capability!

Effective immediately, we are introducing our new Frequent Buyer Program. For every five orders you place on using your customer account, you will automatically receive 10% off your next order! It’s that easy. No coupon codes to hunt down, no emails you might miss, no extra work for you; just an automatic savings on your next order. This discount applies after every five orders you place for the rest of your days as a customer! It’s our way of giving back to you for choosing us out of all of the options available to you online.

This discount applies to every customer with a account, which means you have to create a customer account for our site to keep track of your orders. If you check out as a guest, we cannot track your orders and you will not qualify for the discount. So if you have been purchasing from our site as a guest and don’t want to miss out on the savings, create an account today!

As always, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support through the years. Thank you for all of the valuable feedback about the new site, and keep those comments coming! Your help allows us to continue improving to make our site the best shopping experience possible.

Happy birding!

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