Summer Backyard Guide: Five Musts for a Backyard Space


Summer is in full swing and maybe you aren’t spending as much time in the backyard as you want to. At Wildbeaks, we hear this far too often and want to remedy the situation by suggesting the top 5 must haves to making your backyard the most inviting space in your home.

1. Bird Feeders – Whether you are attracting Hummingbirds or Blue Jays, we have a variety of bird feeders to attract your favorite avian friend. With a selection of specific feeders like our hummingbird feeders you are sure to have this fast paced bird fluttering around your yard in no time. If speedy birds are too much, but you still enjoy bright colors, the Recycled Bluebird Hopper Feeder will be perfect. Those who prefer the rustle of squirrels rather than birds can find squirrel feeders equipped with corn for them to nibble on!

2. Bird Baths – When you think bird bath, you may picture a shallow bowl on top of a pedestal. While we do carry the traditional style of birdbath, we also carry in ground, and solar bird baths! In ground bird baths blend in well with already established shrubbery and can be nestled into a flower bed. If you would prefer a bird bath that acts as a focal point, our solar bird baths stand out as an option and can add the soothing sound of water to your backyard oasis.

3. Wind Chimes – We couldn’t image relaxing on a porch without the sweet melody of wind chimes  lulling us into a summer afternoon nap or ringing in a thunderstorm.

4. Thermometers – During the summer, some of us just no longer want to know how hot it is outside. For the ones that do, we carry a variety of weather sealed outdoor thermometers that provide accurate readings yearlong.

5. Lanterns & Lights – Brighten up the night for your guests with our variety of outdoor lights, like our nested cone tea lightsChinese lanterns or our sparkle cones. You can also keep pesky mosquitoes away with mosquito repellent bite light lanterns.

With these 5 things your backyard might just become your favorite space for these summer nights. Your winged friends and your friends down the road will be flocking to spend time in your backyard.

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